Sometimes space is at a premium at the sites with the highest demand for service. Sometimes time is very short and the service provider has to act quickly or lose a location. Sometimes the demands of the area prevent an entire turnkey package from being installed. Telco Technologies has met all of these problems that have faced us in the past with custom solutions to get the highest capacity sites up and running in the shortest amount of time and under some of the more adverse conditions. We offer a complete range of installation options for your site.


Telco Technologies, Inc. offers a complete range of options for installing your climatic controlled enclosures. Telco Technologies has installed, both partial and fully, thousands of sites throughout the country in a wide range of conditions and applications. Our transportation department had the experience and know how to ensure a quality installation of your telecommunications equipment.

Telco Technologies, Inc. has a complete line of transportation and installation equipment at its disposal. Installation of your enclosure to pads, wall mounts and rooftops is second nature to our trained and professional crew. From the time it leaves our facilities to the on air time, we will transport and install your equipment with care.

Telco Technologies, Inc. has vast experience installing enclosures at difficult sites. Whether it is a remote site, sites where craning access is not permitted, or practical, or a site that needs to be mobile or is in a less than hospitable area, we have the solution for your installation problems. We also have a range of teardown enclosure options for compact transportation to the site, and installation and assembly options to get your site up and running.